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   Welcome to the Blumat automatic plant waterer.  Never over-water or under-water your plants again.  Delivery of water to the soil in the flowerpots is automatic.  Simply keep your eye on your reservoir.  It will save you time and money.  The Blumat automatic plant waterer will do all the work for you.  Comes with very easy to follow instructions and installation tips.  Blumat systems work without the aid of computers or electronic controls.  Ideal for hanging baskets, window boxes, tubs, troughs, narrow beds, raised beds, large pots and in the conservatory, greenhouse or outside.  Bigger pots use two or three Blumat cones.  Indoor growers will love the fact they can leave the grow room alone for a few days because the watering is being taken care of by Blumat.  Outdoor growers will jump for joy knowing that during dry spells the Blumat system will save their crops.  Servicing Blumat is a simple once a year soaking in hot water.  Blumat lasts for decades and is very inexpensive.